We are celebrating over here at Talar because we have hit the 1,000 member mark!!

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Instead of sending out pictures of puppies wearing party hats we wanted to get serious for a minute and share with you what this mark means to each of us.

“When the idea to form what is now, Talar Medical, started to solidify in my mind four years ago, I was sure of one thing; I wanted it to be the best. I envisioned a company where the top thought leaders in the Podiatric Profession could come together and offer solutions. Since the beginning, we have endeavored to bring that vision to life. From the name Talar, which is derived from the talus being the superior aspect of the foot, to the top Podiatric Physicians and surgeons that we selected to Direct this company, to choosing the best and brightest vendors in the foot and ankle markets to partner with, we have strived to pull ahead and be more than just a purchasing organization. The speed that Talar has grown has surpassed my expectations. For me, this 1,000 member mark means we get to touch even more lives. In less than two years of doing business, we have kept thousands of dollars in our colleagues pockets by providing savings and rebates. What has, perhaps, been most rewarding to me, is that we have be able to donate $50,000 to scholarships for the students who will continue to carry the torch as the best and brightest in our industry.”- Dr. Jeff DeSantis, DPM, CEO

“What the 1,000 member milestone means to me, is that my vision of building a company to bring my colleagues and friends together, so that the Podiatric community could have the benefit of collective pricing has come to life. If you have met me, you know that Podiatry is a true calling and I passionately pursue ways to further our industry. When I founded this company, I felt very passionately that the Podiatric community, even the smallest practice, should have access to the same cost and customer service as the largest practices. What I did not realize and have been blown away by, is that Talar Medical has exceeded my expectations, in that it extends beyond saving money and is a place where we can all come together and learn and grow. With the addition of each of you, we have grown in strength and recognition and we are now positioned to bring in even more savings for each of you. Thank you, for joining us on this journey and be watching for more exciting adventures!”– Dr. Ira Kraus, DPM, President

“Joining the Talar team has allowed me to continue my passion for supporting the Podiatric Profession through education and has allowed me to further support the industry by providing a platform to offer savings to all the friends and colleagues I have met along my journey as an educator. For me, the 1,000 member milestone is extra fulfilling because I see so many familiar names and am excited to continue growing those relationships.”– Dr. Steve Corey, DPM, Director of Physician Utilization and Education

“Crossing the 1,000 member mark means, to me, that our members have recognized the value that we bring to the Podiatric community and have spread the word to their friends and colleagues. My heart zings every time the phone rings and we have been referred by one of you, to a friend or colleague. I am thrilled every single time we present savings to a practice and it fulfills me to know, our members are seeing the value we bring to the table.“ – Angie Gann, Director of Inside Sales and Marketing

“When I began working with Talar Medical in January 2017, we had 195 members and a whole lot of heart and vision. Being part of the Talar team has allowed me to do what I love most, be a resource towards helping other people. Hitting the 1,000-member mark tells me that what we are doing here matters. The more practices we are able to impact, the more referrals come our way and the more members we add. It has been a pleasure to watch our company get larger because I know that means we can help even more people save money!”– Carla Ross, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer These words don’t even begin to express our gratitude, but we hope it is a start!HAPPY 1,000 DAY!!