Talar Medical proudly recognizes Dr. Patrick DeHeer!

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Dr. Patrick DeHeer saw that existing treatments were not effective in the treatment for a common condition, and decided that was not acceptable and went to work to find a solution!

We are proud that Dr. DeHeer is part of the Talar family!
Take a moment to read this recently published article about the IQ brace, how it was brought to life, by our very own, Dr. DeHeer and a wonderful explanation on how it works and when to use it!
The IQ brace is available through the Talar portal by clicking on the tab below. Or call (317) 771-4319 to take advantage of your first order discount! Below is a recent testimonial about the Equinus Brace.

After 46 years of practice, it is unusual to come across a DME product that I find to be a “practice game changer’, but I must admit, your equinus brace as compared to any other I have used in the past has become mine. As I stated in my lecture at the New Orleans meeting a couple of weeks ago, after seeing the results my patients have obtained in the past 7 months, I have come to realize that, at least in my practice, I have definitely under-treated equinus deformities in the past. The results I have seen in conditions such as metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and tendinosis, neuromas, leg pain, among several other conditions have been nothing short of amazing, even to a born skeptic like myself. I would no longer consider a gastroc ressession following a HyProCure procedure or the treatment of a diabetic forefoot ulcer with out a suitable course of therapy using the brace.

Finally, when prescribing orthotics , I always describe pronation as a three plane deformity with the orthotic having the least effect on the sagital plane using my fingers and palm for demonstration. As I stated in my lecture, if needed, I usually dispense the brace at the time of scanning, and often by the time the patient returns for the dispensing of the orthotic, a significant percentage have improved so much, they question whether they even need the orthotic anymore. Anyway, I know you are always asking for feedback, so I just thought I would drop you a note to report back and thank you for such a wonderful treatment for my patients and also thank you for your continued participation in our Academy seminars.

Dr. Burton J. Katzen, D.P.M.
Temple Hills, Maryland
President, Academy of Minimal Invasive Foot and Ankle Surgery