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Improving Your Practice’s Diabetic Shoe Outcomes

Join us for a deep dive into strategies to recharge and/or resuscitate your practice’s Therapeutic Shoe Program. Guest speakers, Scott Bolasky and Nick Turner from SureFit will cover the basics ...of the Therapeutic Shoe Bill to strategies and tools to outsource the PCP paperwork, follow-up and patient recall campaigns. Therapeutic Shoe patients are going somewhere for their care; learn how to keep them in your practice, provide the best care possible and maximize the financial impact to your bottom line.

Guest Speakers:
Scott Bolasky, Senior Manager, Sales - sbolasky@surefitlab.com
Nick Turner, Director of Sales - niturner@surefitlab.com

Presentation Slides: https://www.talarmedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/TalarTuesday-June-6.2023-Presentation.pdf
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