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Provista- Your Group Purchasing Organization

Learn how to save on more with Provista on everything from bandages to your family's next vacation!

As the leading GPO in the nation for non-acute care facilities, Provista is a ...
group purchasing powerhouse. We actively combine multiple companies’ purchases together to deliver low prices on contracts and services to all members. It's a soup-to-nuts, apples-to-oranges, top-to-bottom approach to purchasing that delivers unmatched savings to members and the organizations they serve.


- Step by step how to create your no-cost membership with Provista

- How Provista can help you uncover savings on products you use everyday with one of the largest contract portfolios in the nation.

- How you can tap into a suite of services including procurement solutions, advanced analytics and no-hassle contract implementation.

Guest speaker: Blaire Bendian - Blaire.Bendian@provista.com
Webinar slides: https://bit.ly/3LDMy1D
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