Talar just got a LITTLE  bit better!!

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With the addition of Nolaro24 to our Vendor Partners, Talar now brings you a revolutionary family of prefabricated foot orthotics for ALL ages, so you can provide the best care to even the tiniest feet. littleSTEPS® foot orthotics and gait plates for kids are THEpremier pre-fabricated functional pediatric foot orthoses. Affordable, ready-to-wear, and the closest you can get to a custom. The QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® is based on Nolaro24’s patented foot-typing model with 6 biomechanically based orthoses. Clinicians can classify a patient’s foot type and dispense prescription-based orthoses within minutes.
Ask us about SPECIAL DISCOUNTS off of your first Starter Kit for new Talar members.
NOT SOLD ON THE OPEN MARKET, must be dispensed through a practitioner.
DOWNLOAD THE ONLINE CATALOG:http://www.nolaro24.com/downloads/graphics/brochure.pdfDOWNLOAD THE ORDER FORM:http://www.nolaro24.com/downloads/order%20forms/2018%20TCP%20combo%20order%20form
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