Podiatric Medicine & Physical Therapy

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A lot can be said about the power of combining Physical Therapy and Podiatric Medicine together to provide a whole-istic approach to healthcare.  Movement specialists and foot & ankle specialists can provide numerous synergies to meet a patient’s goals and optimize their overall wellness.  In-house Physical Therapy is an excellent way to provide your practice with a larger variety of services and pain-relief options. Another option is establishing a partnership with a local therapy clinic for referrals and co-marketing opportunities.

Several ways a Physical Therapist can benefit your practice include:

  1. Exercise programs- From a home exercise program to gait analysis, physical therapists take a ground-up approach when assessing the foot and ankle. Often looking at strength programs and biomechanics that are impacting the entire lower chain.  A gait and running analysis can be performed to see where and when the patient may be experiencing a problem.
  2. Pain Relief- Laser, Ultrasound, Shockwave therapy are all examples of modalities that therapists can help administer for pain relief and tissue healing. Additional therapeutic applications include dry needling, IASTM, and kinesiology taping that help to provide your patient with relief from pain.   
  3. Post-surgical recovery- Limiting mobility has its side effects but can often be necessary post-surgery. Therapy can help with progressive rehabilitation to get your patient back safely and without further complications.
  4. Enhance non-surgical options- Sometimes surgery isn’t an option. Whether it’s not the right path or the patient isn’t interested, treatment approaches that are non-surgical are necessary. Therapy can be an additional resource to expand your options.
  5. Orthotic and Brace Fitting- Therapists can help to custom fit braces, orthotics, and make recommendations for shoes and inserts. They can assist with leg length discrepancies, diabetic care and education, and sports injuries. 
  6. Balance- Proprioception is an integral part of a balance program. Sensory issues and aging can put patients at risk for increased risks of falls and injury. Therapists work to screen for neuropathies and balance deficits for a proactive approach to fall prevention.

Some therapists are even trained in wound care and can help to ensure the patient is on the right path to recovery and healing. There are a variety of ways that Therapy can complement your practice and provide your patient with additional treatment options. A cohesive relationship can provide optimal productivity and outcomes for your practice and patients.

Author: Jaime Stoffer, PT, DPT, MBA – Director of Clinical Programs with Medline Industries

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