November is Diabetes Awareness Month!

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November is Diabetes Awareness Month!  This month we are reminded of the vital role Podiatric Physicians and Surgeons play in the management team of a diabetic patient.  According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 30 million Americans have diabetes.  Studies have shown a decrease in lower limb amputations of up to 80% for those with diabetes that are treated by a Podiatric Physician.  These patients are vulnerable to many troublesome conditions including Peripheral Arterial Disease, Diabetic Neuropathy, or Diabetic Wounds/Ulcers.  Talar Medical proudly supports Foot & Ankle Specialists by providing discounts with an array of different vendors aimed at providing the best products to help you care for your diabetic patients. 

  • MPM Medical has specialized in advanced wound care products for over 22 years.  With a diverse and extensive product portfolio, MPM Medical makes products to treat just about any type of need when it comes to would and skin care.  MPM Medical offers a comprehensive and cost-effective line of collagen products, super absorbent dressings, hydrogels, foam dressings, moisture barriers, antifungals, calcium alginates, waterproof dressings, bordered gauze, wound cleansers, and saturated gauze pads.  Learn more HERE.
  • Surefit provides ancillary products and services that benefit both the practice and the patient.  Surefit`s offerings include therapeutic footwear, custom orthotic devices and PADnet PAD/CVI testing system.  Surefit`s MDM (Medicare Document Management) Program enables your practice to effectively collect, track and store documents that are critical to reimbursement.  Their MDM program is designated to reduce the time and problems associated with the collection of paperwork for diabetic shoes and inserts. Learn more HERE.
  • Total Ancillary`s State of the Art skin substitutes platform helps reduce costs, diminishes back-office work, and can help eliminate financial risk. Podiatric Physicians and Surgeons who choose to revolutionize skin substitute management with this platform will be able to (1) Have More Covered Product Options to offer their patients, (2) Treat More Patients More Cost-effectively, and (3) Promote Better Clinical Outcomes over traditional wound care. This is accomplished through Total Ancillary’s proprietary software that matches products to each patient’s covered insurance plan on an individual basis, across multiple manufacturers. Learn more HERE.

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