Need Some New Podiatry Marketing Ideas? Try Automatic Review Generation

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Managing patient information, sending well-timed review invites and responses, and tracking their impact can quickly turn into a full-time job. You can use a review-gathering tool like Swell Review to automate most aspects of the process.

  • Automatically Request Reviews via Text. No burdening your front desk with in-person requests. Just set up a list, customize a message, and set a send time (or a set a type of event to trigger the send—say, a completed transaction; you can even add a built-in delay). Patients can leave you a review with a few taps on their phone.
  • Monitor and Reply to Reviews Across All Platforms. If you’re getting lots of reviews across a few platforms, tracking your scores and quickly replying to reviews can be a nightmare. Swell’s dashboard shows you all your review scores and lets you reply to reviews on different platforms, which makes it easy to pop in, address issues, and manage your reputation.

The Best Podiatry Websites Are Driven By Reviews

According to a report by Spiegel Research, reviews not only drive more traffic to your website, but displaying reviews on your website can help you increase conversion by as much as 270%. That’s huge.

Learn more about why reviews matter here.

And So Are the Best Podiatry Practices

Another hidden benefit of reviews is in the feedback they offer, which should help you uncover ways to improve your facilities, services, and staff training, leading to more great reviews and more loyal patients. Once the process is in motion, reviews create a virtually maintenance-free growth machine for your practice. With a little up-front effort and the right tools, it does become free podiatry advertising. 

The Swell Approach to Practice Growth

Swell helps local podiatry practices grow by making patient engagement painless. With Swell, you can automatically gather hundreds of great reviews, reply to them, and view a clean dashboard with all your ratings in one place. Swell also helps practices streamline text, email, and webchat messages and collect valuable customer feedback. With Swell, you’ll boost your practice’s online presence, gain new patients, and maintain that momentum for future growth.

The glowing reviews are out there waiting. Sign up for a free demo to start capturing them.