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Patients come first. That is why we recommend Smooth AF Alcohol Free OTC Medicated Athlete’s Foot Wipes.

Smooth AF has revolutionized the foot care industry. Their patented formula is the only alcohol and paraben free OTC medicated formula that also Cleans, Conditions, Revitalizes, and Cures & Prevents Athlete’s Foot.

Perfect for:

  • Athlete’s Foot
  • Diabetics
  • Foot Odor
  • Tired & Sore Feet
  • Daily Conditioning & Protection

“Our patient studies showed 100% of patients who followed instructions saw improvement.”

— Futuro Clinical Trials, LLC

Increase Revenue!

To prove how good Smooth AF is, we are willing to trade you $20 for up to $240 worth of Smooth AF product.

Podiatrists across the country are using Smooth AF wipes in their practice and selling them to their patients for up to $20 per box.

On your first order only, we will trade you $20 to cover shipping and we will send you a case of twelve 14-count boxes of Smooth AF Single Packets.

Your patients will love you, your costs will go down, you will save time, and your bottom-line will improve!

#1 Athlete`s Foot Cure & Prevention

Offer Expires April 30, 2021

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