Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions please call Talar Member Services at 401-424-1827 or utilize our chat feature at the bottom of the page.

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What is Talar Medical?

Talar Medical is a Group Purchasing community set up by foot and ankle specialists for foot and ankle specialists to deliver cost savings on the products needed to operate a practice, education on when and where to use these products for best patient outcomes, and access to some of the most successful practitioners in the industry. Talar Medical is more than just a a group purchasing organization, it is a place to prosper!

How do I use the service?

Join Talar Medical by filling out this short application form. You will receive your login credentials within 24-48 hours. All vendors are aware that you are a Talar member, even if they are not listed in the portal. They will apply the Talar discount to your account at the time you place the order. Click on the How to Save link to learn more about how to maximize your savings!

How much is the membership?

The investment in Talar Medical is an investment in spending the time to establish new purchasing habits that will increase your bottom dollar. You will never be billed for our services because we know time is money and we value the time you spend providing use the information we need to analyze your purchasing patterns to determine the best way to bring value and cost savings to your practice.