Don’t understand Intalere?

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We confess, it took us a while to get started too!! Carla, just got back from an Intalere conference and learned some new tips and tricks. First, you absolutely cannot get started until you sign the Intalere LOP and we have GREAT news! You can now sign in seconds by clicking on this link: This is simply a Letter of Participation. All it does is establish that you belong to Intalere through your Talar Membership. You will never receive a bill from either Intalere or Talar, all this does is open the gate for you to start saving on thousands of purchases. How deep you go with Intalere is up to you. As a company, Talar partnered with Intalere, largely to link our members to additional discounts with Medline. To access those you must FIRST sign the Intalere LOP: http:// then you will need to sign the Medline Pharmacy agreement (we can send you one, your Medline rep can bring one by, or your Intalere Rep can get you one.) This agreement will give you discounts on injectable purchases. Intalere also offers savings on certain cell phone plans, office purchases, vacations, movie tickets and just about anything you purchase. To get started, sign your LOP today!!!